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Anchor link question and wonky slider in mobile problem

Hi helpful Webflow humans.
Building my second site with the platform. Here is my public share link:

I’m running into 2 (hopefully) small problems…
Anchor links in my top nav – two issues.

  1. How do I change the color of the link state when it is scrolled to that section
    (is this “focused” state?) Currently, when I scroll, It is jumping to the default BLUE.
    I would like it the same GREEN as I have set for hover.

  2. When I load my site, regardless of browser, the site AUTO-SCROLLS
    to my first anchor link - projects. Would love to turn this off, so site loads at top of page.

My second issue is with a slider at the bottom of the page.
I want to build 4 slides… each with a “reference/reco” for my friend Scott Pryor.
Currently, it is working great in desktop and mobile… but goes totally wonky
in the 2 mobile breaks – only previewing the first slide. The remaining three seem empty.

Odder still, I’ve discovered that if I switch the slider mask from HIDDEN to OVERFLOW…
the three remaining slides appear below and alongside the first slide. Totally bonkers weird!
I’ve included two screenshots for reference.

As always - any help would be awesome. thanks again.
Scott B

Hi @scottbarbey,
Let me try to answer your questions :grinning:

What you are looking for is NOT a focused state, it calls CURRENT state. Link has a Current state, when it appears with section or page, linked to it, in the same screen view. So when you scroll to the section, connected to the particular link, that link get a Current state. By default, it styled with blue color. For change it, just “catch” the link when it is in current state and style it as you want

Not happening to me. You’re probably trying to refresh your site with #anchorlink at the end of the URL in the address bar. Does it do it when you click on ?

It’s the CURRENT state, bring it active and set it up:

But you have to clean up your structure a bit, too many specific classes, do like this first:

And eventuall add your specific classes to the items again once it’s working.


Vincent and Sabina -
Thank you big time. That fixed my nav questions. Super clear. Appreciated.

Any thoughts on the totally wonky slider problem?


Hi @scottbarbey, I would suggest to check the display style on the ref SLIDE 1 slide class. Set that to display inline block and the other slides set to display inline block, and it should work :slightly_smiling:

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks. that did it.
as always - greatly appreciate the help.

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