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I am having some trouble with my navigation. I set up a hover and a pressed state which seems to work. Once I add the actual link to the navigation button after I switch from one button to another the previously selected button text turns blue. I also turns blue when scrolling. I want to change this but cannot seem to figure out how. I included a few screen shots to give you a visual.

Also, I have a bunch of pages set up. I would like to have the navigation on the page to link directly to a section on the home page.

The first image is what I would like to see after selecting the button. The second image is what I actually see after a selection has been made.

try to change the styles of the active style button on the desired color. should help

I do not know where to find it. I been searching and searching with no luck. If you can direct me that would be great.

select the queue button and choose a color, for example white, this button glows a different color, that it needs to change. current

OK I fixed that.

How can I link directly to a section on a page from another page?

choose the button and in the setup panel, choose the action button, link, page, and section… choose the page and indicate the page, there is a choice. if I understand the question.

Hello @soulluciani you’ll need to add an anchor link with the full URL in the External Website URL and the “ID” assigned to that section. So your link would look like this. www.yourwebsitename./otherpagename#idnamegoeshere

For more information on Anchor Linking to a different page, I had a thread here as well: Looking for a scroll - to - anchor point solution



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