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Nav Link formatting in FOCUSED state - link is blue and not as styled

Hi Community,

I have been ignoring this bug for a while, but now need to figure this out. I saw others with the same problem, but was not able to resolve per the instructions. - Here is the issue:

My Nav Links are all orange in all states per the styles assigned. And this works and looks fine in the Designer. However, on the live site, the focused nav links are blue.

Please see for yourself at the preview link and in the live site:

Thanks for your help!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes, that is expected behavior, the class is on the current state. If you would not like the current state to be blue make sure to edit it so that the CSS would be the same as the non current states. :wink:

Hope this helps. :+1:


Thanks for the guidance. Not sure I am clear what and how I do this. I spent lots of time before … not sure how to change this via Webflow.

Would you mind outlining the steps?


So here are the steps:

  1. Select the element
  2. Go into the paint brush tab
  3. Then apply all the elements you applied on the Nav Link mobile links to the blue link

This is the way to fix it. Be sure to ask any questions if this does not make sense. :wink:

Hi Swen,

This is due to the Current state applied to a link to the page you are on. To change that blue status, simply select the link while you are on the page to get the current style. Then choose another color and then choose the color you want. This is a bug where it won’t inherit the color of the default style until you change the color to something else, then choose a color. What I tend to do is copy the hex value for your hover state and paste it into the text color.
I mad you a gif to show how to do this.

Good Luck!


Thanks Vladimir and DFink!

It is finally behaving correctly. Appreciate your help!


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