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Problem 1 [resolved]
When I use the Slider element on my pages (Home and Career) paired with the mobile navigation element, the page frame extends wide past the viewport. When the vertical smartphone breakpoint is activated, swiping to get the everything menu in view, causes the entire page to scroll horizontally left. This issue was fixed in this post, thank you. Slider seems to break the iPhone Vertical Page

Problem 2
The down arrow on the dropdown menu item is too far from the category label. How can I relate the icon to the words more closely. (see bottom picture)

Problem 3
I can’t find where to set the “Current” state for the dropdown menu item.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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  1. This is what i am seeing. It seems to be fine.

  1. If the link is directed to the page you are currently on it will show a Current state tab. If you see the Current state simply edit in the paintbrush and it will change for all items that are on the Current state.

the link is pointed towards the careers page

This is the states of the link that is directed towards the Careers page when I am on the Careers page.

Hopefully I was able to help. :wink:

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To fix the dropdown arrow take a look to the webflow website to learn how they do it!

The dropdown text and the arrow is set inline-block and then remove the absolute position in the arrow.

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