Problems with nav and preview

I am having a few issue with the site I am building. The first thing is that the navigation is not behaving properly. I have set the hover, pressed & focused states. The hover seems to be working ok but when I click on the button the previously selected section turns blue, which I did not specify anyplace for it to do that. It also does the same thing when I am scrolling. When I scroll down as I pass the different sections the navigation text turns blue. I have no idea why.

I grabbed the read link and opened it in a different browser, which brings me to the next issue. When I open the read link in another browser, all of my images are gone and some of my styles are missing.

I have no idea what the issue is if anyone can help that would be great.

Here is the read link

Hello @soulluciani

Can you tell me the color you want them to be when you select them and also scroll into different sections of the page so i can make a tutorial on how to fix them. :smile:

About the 2nd issue did you wait for all the assets and styles to load?


@Ahmadz839 In regards to the color it shouldn’t really matter, the process should be the same. Orange is the color I am looking for tho.

Yes I reloaded the page, it seems that it just took a long time to load.

@Ahmadz839 have a look at the services section. I want the same styling just different colors. I have set it up basically the same but its not working properly

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