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Anchor Link Not Working

The anchor links for this site aren’t working. At first, they wouldn’t scroll to the section directly below, but would scroll if I set it to the next section – but, it would scroll the section so the that the bottom of the section was aligned with the bottom of the browser. Now, they’re just not working at all. Any help? Thanks.

Btw, the anchor link in question is the ‘down’ arrow in the hero section. It should scroll to the section below.

I seem to have figured out a solution, but I really can’t tell you why it wasn’t working to begin with.

The problem was with the ‘Main Nav’ symbol. When I removed the symobl, the anchor link worked again.

So I tried putting the ‘Main Nav’ in a Div block instead of just on its own and the anchor link seems to work again.

Give it a try and let us know if it works for you too!


Thanks LJB! That worked. I’ll tinker with it to see if I can find out why the nav is doing that. Appreciate the help!

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