Link to a Section not working?

Hi everyone!

I’m experiencing a small issue with a client website. I have a “Scroll Down” link block that when clicked should scroll the user to the content. I’ve set up an anchor link on the section and connected it to the link block, but clicking it does nothing. Even though, the link in the address bar adds #main to the end of it. I want this functionality on all pages, but I will link you to the Capabilities page.

I’d love some assistance!

Public Link:
Read-Only Link:

Hi @MinewireNetwork

I don’t see an element with an ID of “main”. Try adding that ID again and linking it.

Ok, I’ve added the ID of main to the white section. It still doesn’t want to work. :frowning:

So, I’ve added a container with the ID: Down. It now works, BUT it does not scroll to where I want it to which is to take up the full screen.

set “height: auto” for class Navbar and link will work… but the menu is no longer open. I can not explain why…

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That fixed it! :smiley: Thank you so much and the navbar still works. I set the Navbar to “Auto” and then removed the 100% height.


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