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Any ideas why scroll to element isn't working?

Any ideas why the scroll to element function isn’t working? I believe I have everything setup correctly : In-page linking ID is set and the URL is changing so it’s firing correctly but no scroll action…

Here is my public share link: Home Page

Can you tell me which link isn’t working? I only found links to other pages. Scroll to element only works on in page links.

Hahaha that would help huh?
The down arrow on the home page…It should scroll to the main-content section

I honestly have no idea. Seems like a bug. But I should mention, is there a reason why your hero is a symbol? Also, your second section is set to a main tag instead of a div tag. Not sure if that makes any difference but I’ve never seen that tag used before. @cyberdave @sabanna Can either of you chime in?


Had a look on your problem and the reason it doesn’t scroll is because of your body class “overflow-hidden”. You had set that to Auto and that somehow disables your scroll interaction. I deleted that.

I also set your main content section to the tag of “Section” (instead of Div) and renamed the ID to “main”. Seems like single word ID’s works best. I had this problem too in the past and since then I always go with single word ID’s for my sections.

These changes made the scroll trigger on your down arrow to work.

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