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ALT text bug on images

There seems to be a bug when changing the ALT text on an image. Also mentioned here: ALT text is reset halfway through typing

Basically when you’re changing the ALT text, the field resets itself (usually while typing) to its previous state.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert an image into a page and enter some ALT text
  2. Replace that image with another image
  3. Change the ALT text to reflect the new image
  4. Watch the reset magic happen :cry:

This happens across all of my Webflow projects. I’m on the latest MacOS Chrome Version: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I followed your scenario and tried way more to make the bug happen, but I couldn’t reproduce it.

Thanks for looking into this, here is an example:


Does it happen when you have no Chrome extensions?

Easy way to test that is to download Chrome Canary, a dev version of Chrome, and a good browser to use Webflow when you want to be sure nothing is interfering with it.

What can also be one is to test in an entirely new user session on your mac or windows computer.

Just tested it, same result.

I haven’t had it reset @alexdixon and @vincent, but I have had the whole text erased before. So rather than it showing the previous alt text, whatever I had typed before disappeared. Maybe the two bugs are related?

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