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Text automatically deletes when typing alt tags

I work for an agency that uses Webflow, and whenever any of us type alt tags, it will delete the text before you can complete typing out the alt tag. Sometimes I will have to type it three times before it actually saves. I’ve dealt with this for months but finally am reporting since the issue has persisted. Nothing major - just an annoying inconvenience!

Also, another thought: If we could just be able to add it to the asset library like Wordpress so it actually attaches to the img source not the img spot.

Try this issue on chrome incognito mode (And maybe clear cache). Looks like specific environment bug (Some browser plugin on your system). Works fine to me (In more than one laptop/environment ).

If you find this issue also on incognito write to webflow support about this issue (Best idea her is to use loom and record the screen).

Agree. Easier to manage alts one time (Add this idea to webflow wishlist).

Tried this, did not work. This has been an ongoing issue for a few months, does not seem to be a plugin/environment issue.

Will add to wish list.

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