ALT text is reset halfway through typing

I’ve experienced an issue over the last couple of weeks, where editing ALT text gets wiped halfway through retyping.

It seems that the settings section of the designer is refreshing itself before an action is completed.

Super annoying as I’m working on SEO for over 100 images and each one is taking way longer than it should…

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Hi @quarshcreative

Can you please send me the following so I can take a closer look?
• Description of what you’re experiencing (include names of site, pages, elements, classes, interactions, etc)
• Examples of what you’re experiencing (Screenshots of issue: or (even better) a GIF taken with LiceCap: - Make sure to show the whole screen for context)
• Environment info that you’re experiencing trouble on (include your exact browser version, device model, operating system version, etc)

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This happens when renaming interactions too. Chrome on windows 10. Dont know why. Started happening in November.

A workaround is selecting all the text and naming it afresh rather than deleting and typing in characters.

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