Is there code editor

Is there code editor within the project i can use? - It seems some rubbish been produced with the row /tables beyond webflow view port.

No, you are not able to edit the underlying HTML of the design auto-generated within the Webflow designer.

You can only edit code within the Embed Code component.

I am absolutely blown away by Webflow - loving everything about it, until running into a wall and needing to check some simple links and tweak code, and WHAM, I knew it was too good to be true. You can’t edit code @&#%@^%^%@^ WHAT!?

@owntone -> You can edit the code generated by Webflow all day long. Export it.

Imagine the support nightmare if people could modify code in the designer, pure chaos!

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Ah good point :wink: I’m actually liking not having to code anymore being a designer, but for quick tweaks here and there it would be nice to jump under the hood quickly…

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without importing it back not so useful isnt it?
i got the point, webflow is not meant to bet a code editor, but rather ad code-FREE solution - but at the same time projects like are creating exactly this: a code-free website builder where you can work most of the time like a designer BUT if you want to you can go directly into the code and edit there…

i think this has a lot of potential so i recommend the webflow team to think about something similar to this - it could be a kind of add-on that you CAN turn on but it must not be there all the time.

just some thoughts with good intentions because i love to see webflow reaching their fullpotential.


They sit firmly in the nocode space. More than 3/4’s of the sites I build I comp out in Webflow for speed, but then deliver with code and other CMS’s. Even if they opened up the code in the designer, I would still have limitations that I need to use other systems to work around. I think it’s better to stay focused on improving the product in the space they want to be in. Truth is if you learn code, its sets you free.

Thanks for your feedback. Have a great day!