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All my pictures!

Hey everyone :wave: I have been building my first website in webflow for a family members company and I didn’t have too many issues I couldn’t resolve until now. Today while I was working all of my photos just disappeared…like poof…gone. Here are some things I have tried :point_down:

  • restoring a backup where I know the photos definitely were there
  • viewing backups – the photos are not there when I view a backup even though I know for certain they were there!
  • looking to make sure I did not delete my photos that I uploaded…nope still there

Any help would be greatly appreciated :purple_heart: I am trying to get this fixed up before I start on responsiveness

Read only link: Webflow - Advanced HC

@Developer_Chels Oh no! Are you using the asset manager in Webflow? I ask because when I try to open your images it seems to be pointing to cloudfront.

Hey David, I am just using whatever is built into webflow. It does say “Assets” at the top, but not sure I have ever used an asset manager? Sorry that I do not know what that is, I’m very new to Webflow.

No worries, @Developer_Chels, we’re here to help! Yes that’s the asset manager so you’re in the right spot! When I go to the view only site it looks like I’m still seeing the placeholder images.

Have you tried re-uploading the photo and re-publishing the project? I might suggest trying to delete one image, re-upload it again to see if it appears.

Thank you :sweat_smile: and yes, that’s what happened. They all disappeared and now the placeholder images are there. All the pictures are still in my asset manager. I just tried to do your suggestion of deleting an image and re-uploading and the only thing that changed is now I have that photo that I just uploaded right underneath the hero section :confused: I am just trying to avoid going back through my website and uploading every photo again

Confirmed with the team that it’s part of a known bug we’re prioritizing. If you don’t want to upload everything again I can find out from the team and give you an update!

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That would be great! Thank you!

Hi @Developer_Chels just found out that there was a bug that was fixed to address this. They said that the restore from backup should work now. Do you want to give that a try now?

Hey David, thank you for your response to this bug! I just tried to backup and it gave me an error, but it worked!!! I am so so happy that I do not have to go back through and put all those pictures back :slight_smile: Thank you!

If you would like to know what the error was it said “no matching document found, redirecting you back to the dashboard.” But then it didn’t redirect me and it was able to restore and all my pictures appeared. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m so glad to hear this! Best of luck on your new website, Chels!

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