All my interactions stopped working all of a sudden - some disappeared others stopped working

I have a few simple interactions on my website and all of them stopped working all of a sudden. They were fine yesterday - today I previewed the site (it’s live already - just password protected) and the interactions are all gone.

In the designer I saw that some are completely gone - as if I’d never had an interaction there in the first place.

The ones that are still there now have a warning symbol on the interaction’s element stating ‘The action’s original target is on the “Home” page’ (I didn’t move any elements since yesterday- the interaction as well as its elements are all on my “Home” page…).

When I noticed that some interactions were gone completely I thought there might have been an error with saving my website, but other interactions are still there…

It seems like I have to start all over again with building my interactions - has this happened to anyone else before? Any tips on how to revert this would be greatly appreciated!!

Hey Maggie!

That suck that you have to remake all your interactions. You can try to go in to the animations and see if you can specify a new target for the elements. My guess is that some names have changed and that’s why the interactions are now broken.

If you send me a read-only link I can have a look at them and se if I can find a solution for you.


Thank you Felix!

I’ve also had an issue with linking classes and their children to the animations so I’ve had to link them all individually (in the FAQ)…I really don’t want to have to relink them all again but it seems like I’ll have to.

All the interactions are on the English ‘Home’ Page.

Nevermind - I’m an idiot - I was looking at the wrong page! Bilingual websites… Thank you for your willingness to help!


Ah okay good you found the problem :smiley: