After publishing a collection item the status remains: Staged Changes

Hi Webflow,

In a website I made for a client of mine I found a little bug in the editor. I have an item which keeps the status of ‘Staged Changes’ even after ‘publishing’ and also if i don’t make any changes on the collection item.

If you want to check it out. You can find the item under ‘collections > testimonials > Stichting Mooj’ and

Here is my public share link:

Hi Webflow,

Any update on this topic?

Hey there @martijnrunia . On which page are you using the corresponding Testimonials Collection?

Hi @AlexManyeki,

I use the testimonials on several places on the website. But one the ‘ervaringen’ page ( I use them the most. But the problem is not on the page but within the collection in the editor modus. I’m not sure if you can check the site in editor mode.

Thats true. I have checked the collection and everything seems fine. You should consider moving this issue to the bugs section so that at least the relevant people can follow up. Thanks.

Hi Alex,
Thanks. I’ve copied the post in the ‘bugs’ forum.

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