Collection items published by Make is marked as 'Published' in Designer, but not published to the live site

Has anybody seen this behavior before?

I use Make to publish content to a Collection. Make is set up to publish the content to the live Webflow site. Make is sending over the data to Webflow without errors, and a new Collection item is made in the Collection list. The Item is also marked as ‘Published’ in the collection list in Designer, but the content is not actually showing on the live site.

If I then manually publish the site in the Webflow designer, the same result, the item is not showing on the live site.

But, if I edit the content in the Collection item, and the status changes to ‘Stages Changes’, and then publish, the content shows on the live site.

Have also opened a support ticket at Webflow Support, as this looks like a Webflow problem, not Make.