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How to extract the code of my website?

Hi all,
I have a very simple and static website done with Webflow 2 years ago that never create business but could in the future. I don’t do and want to create other website.
I have money difficulty and need to cut the monthly Webflow and the Webflow hosting plan.
I would like to export the code and to integrate it to a free system (or Wordpress…) and to host it for free for exemple on gitub.
How to do it please ?
Thank you

What Webflow account plan do you currently have?

Hi @Super!

You should have the designer LITE ACCOUNT to export the code of your project.

Eve Kayser

I have the Professional Account and CMS hosting account.
I am paying 42$/month for the first and 20$/month for the second

Simply click the “export code” button from within the Designer, in the top right:


It allows you to download a .zip file of your project’s code. Note that this does not work for CMS collections/items etc.

If you wanted a complete local copy of your site, including all the CMS items (as long as everything has a link to it on existing pages), you could use WGET. WGET can be used to fetch the site, make all the links relative, and download all the assets found on all the pages.

Note you can’t re-import a site into Webflow that is exported or fetched with WGET.


Thanks @webdev, that’s super helpful - hadn’t heard of WGET before!

Yes! I like this idea. You could even run a simple php script on your new hosting that does a WGET of your webflow URL and simply hauls everything onboard so you can fine tune some CMS stuff on the webflow side before cancelling the webflow hosting entirely.