Advice on how to create these custom order forms


I’ll be building a website with Webflow that I designed.The website has three limo order forms, From Airport, To Airport and Custom Ride.These forms have a bunch of inputs, dropdowns, etc.

For now, the forms don’t have price calculation that changes based on the choices made in the form.I was thinking this would be impossible to make, at least for me, without custom code.

My question is, should I use native form elements from Webflow and style them and rely on Webflow to send those unstyled emails to the website owner, and to the clients.

OR, is there a third party form solution that Webflow devs typically use, that integrates into Webflow, can make what I need, is reliable, the form elements can be styled, and doesn’t cost a billion dollars to run?

The screenshots of what I mean to create:

I’m looking to solve this same issue? I guess no one has the answers

If you’re going for a sidebar layout like the one in your screenshot, you really want good control over layout and styling, and Webflow native forms will give you that. The downside is, very little integrated form validation, no form intelligence, and limited storage & email notification options.

If you care more about the functionality than form styling, and you want it as nocode as possible, I’d probably recommend something like Jotforms. Less stying control, but far more robust.

This is actually a separate question.
Webflow cannot send emails to the end user, only to your client ( the site owner ), and that comes with some issues ( spam, unreliability, and a mandatory unsubscribe link ) that create problems for a lot of designers & site owners.

Another option is to build your form in Webflow, but use a third party service to handle the email notification. Basin is great, it’s cheap and it solves all 3 of the problems above. Plus you can also send an email to the form submitter. Here’s how to integrate it.

Besides the price calculation, also consider validation ( like phone, in your example image ), and some form intelligence. For example when booking a return trip, there’s a good chance many want to be picked up at the same address they were dropped off to, and it doesn’t make sense to force them to retype it. Instead you can make that part optional with a checkbox “pick up at a different address” and then display those fields only when needed.

All of this requires some coding, but it massively improves the user experience and data quality, so tradeoffs. If you don’t have a dev on the team, there are some like me here who focus on development rather than design who you can contract in for these type of small projects.