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Webflow Forms based on dropdown, radio buttons, or other selections

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a form for a client where I need the form to react to selections.

For example the form starts off with 1 question and it has 3 dropdown selections. And based on the specific selection a set of questions appear and the submission also goes to a specific address.

Is this possible within webflow? If not, does anyone know of a script or service that I can use to achieve this.

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Just gonna bump this. If anyone knows that would be awesome

Unfortunately this isn’t natively available in webflow (yet). I recommend that you use Jotform ( to do this, as it is easy to use and the final product looks good. There are other solutions out there, but this is the one I prefer (I have tried many others, this is the one I think works best).

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Hi @Hamzster, one more note, you could do this in Webflow, just not using the native forms widget, we do not have complex scripting added yet. But you could add your own jQuery to the page, to react to form selections and then show or hide other page elements based on those selections.

Here is an article about adding custom code:

Other suggestion that pleases me: use Typeform. They’ve got an excellent free plan and allow for good embedding (example) on your website. Plus they’ve got great Logic Jump functionality.

Here’s where they explain briefly Custom embedding. More details are in the admin panel after signup.

If you want a 10% discount on their services and give me a 10% discount at the same time, use my referral link to signup…

Could you write down what are the options and which should appear after selecting different one? Also the address it should go to - do you mean email or URL?


Hey guys,

Thanks for all the suggestions!

@bartekkustra the client has given me the list of questions yet!

Typeform is nice but they have that one layout which my client doesn’t like :frowning:.

Once you have those questions contact me directly and we’ll find a best way of doing this ;)

I’ll vouch for @bartekkustra’s pro-form-coding skills…!


Thanks mate! I will definitely give you a shout!