How can I collect form data and display it on different place on the page?


I am building a 3-step pricing calculator form and I need to:

Form on step 1 that consists of 3 dropdowns and 3 text fields to collect input data and display it on text fields on step 3.

In 2 step there is a list of device cards and a list of added devices. The button on the device card opens up another form that has a dropdown and text field for selecting the type and name of a device. When the form is filled and submitted, device is added to the added devices list.

I hope I explained it well. Sorry for my English in advance. I would be really glad if you would help me with custom code, or at least give me advice on where to look because I am really frustrated with this part of the project.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Saberin Security Website

Hi dovlet, building this in custom code will give you a lot of flexibility, but also a lot of responsibility for the implementation.

If you’re hitting walls I can think of two options-

  1. Bring in a professional developer to assist with the coding part. What you’re building seems pretty straightforward, but requires a dynamic “order” object with some arrays, and probably state-management so that you can retrieve that data in other parts of your site. For something like this I’d recommend TypeScript, GitHub and a CDN, it will make your code 1000x more manageable and make the Webflow integration trivial. You can click my name to contact me if you want to discuss.

  2. Switch approach to somethng like Wized. It provides a nocode way to build more complex UX’s like this one, with business logic.

Option one has some one-time up-front costs, option two has a learning curve and ongoing costs. Both will get you where you want to be.

Thank you for your reply! That puts some light on it. I would consider both options and contact you if some assistance would be needed.