Ability to Turn off Auto Save (for pricey internet connections)

Attention to the fantastic Webflow Staff Members,

Love the new updates coming out one after another! :thumbsup:

Been so caught up in Webflow … haven’t even been using the forum much. After using Webflow for months at work now, I find that the autosave every 10 secs … although a great feature … eats up our wifi and slows down our internet. I guess this is due to the constant uploads and requests being sent.

It would be amazing if you guys could enable us to work offline and have the edits we made cached … somehow like what icomoon does … and when we connect to the internet again, our work is immediately uploaded to the cloud.

Another option could be to have the ability to turn off autosave.

If you could do both … that’ll be Fantabulous!

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