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Building an Admin Dashboard for Webflow Ecommerce Site

Hi guys,

I have an ecommerce site I built in Webflow and I was wondering if it may be possible to build a custom-made admin dashboard to help me manage my sales and more widely my business.

To be honest, the order tab provided by Webflow is good but not great (for now) and can surely be optimized. I already push all the data to Airtable to get a more freedom on order management. Again, good but not great.

I would suggest this template as a starting point to help you understand my goal:

So, do you think its feasible, in terms of data, integration, etc ?
For instance, if I want to create an order table, I assume I will need to create a CMS collection in the project using…ecommerce data from the same projet…using a third party service such as Zapier or Integromat. Tricky right ?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Did you ever get this off the ground? I’m trying to do the same thing

Nope, not tried yet sorry :weary:

I am curious @martinreboux, why not try the “Artboard” template you previously attached? It seems really robust and like it would work well? I ask because I am looking to create the same dashboard as you, but this seems almost worth the time I’d save for a $79 price tag. Thoughts?

Things is, it’s only a frontend UI. I don’t know how to deal with the backend, how to populate the data to be displayed…

@martinreboux Ahh I see, I see. I think with a mix of CMS collections and a platform like Zapier, it’d probably be easier than it seems. I’d imagine people wouldn’t sell a template of this nature without easy integration being a primary focus