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Can I create a dashboard with webflow?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @putty, could you be more specific? What kind of dashboard do you mean?
In the design area you can do almost everything with Webflow, but functionality has its limits. If you can provide us more details we will try to give you more detailed answer.


Sure, I’m trying to create an BI Dashboard that has a left and right panel that can slide in and out on click (got this part working), but that have widgets with graphs in them (highcharts) that expand and collapse as i open and close the side panels, so basicly 4 - 6 squares that flex as panels open / close as well as being responsive. Let me know if i need to provide a pic or link.

Actually, something kinda like Bootstrap does here with their Admin template… (but with side panels that open and close)


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This is deffo possible with webflow, just need to play around with the tabs function and some interactions.

I agree with @Joscreative, with tabs widget you can do this.

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