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Dashboard templates?

Are there any pre made dashboard templates available on webflow? I could make one but curious if any are available…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey photonicpro,

my 2 cents: I tried to submit a dashboard template a while ago but it obviously got rejected because it’s not useful as is.

Users actually have to integrate their Dashboard data through data-bindings and I think (and somewhat understand) this counts as “inconvenient” for the webflow target audience…compared to a restaurant template where you just have to change the adress and you’re good to go and publish your website :wink:

If you want to take a look (never finished it after the rejection of the first preview version):

Material Design Webflow Dashboard

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Hi Marci, thanks for assisting. Nice work on the dashboard. :slight_smile:

I did find a couple other cloneable public sites too. I guess that’s what I meant as opposed to templates.

Yes, just looking for the designs at this point. My site will need to be exported and hosted on a different server bc of all the backend integrations.

Any idea if you can search the public sites by keyword?

@photonicpro I was about the share the rough wf dashboard concept I did a while ago but it seems you already found it. :smiley:

Yes thanks Sidney! Nice work too. :slight_smile:

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