Admin access to project for SEO agency

Hi Folks,
We’re building a web migration project on Webflow on our account.
The client wants it managed by us and on our Webflow account but they also want their SEO agency to have admin access so they can adjust 301 redirects, meta titles, etc as agreed.
What are my options here? (Please don’t tell me Team access which will cost them even more moeny)

Alright, I’m gonna list several options you can choose. Each one of them has it’s pros and cons so you can choose the one you like the most.

The first way is to transfer the project. It’s simple and cost-effective. Move the project to the client’s account, and let the agency work from there. Just be aware you’re giving up some control​​.
Also, you can use a team account. Shared admin environment, but keep in mind the extra cost. Might be worth it for smooth collaboration​.
And you can also take a look at guest role for agencies. Webflow has this neat option where the client keeps ownership while the agency gets the access they need. It’s a good balance between access and security​

Also, I’d recommend checking out this thread in the community for more info. I think it’s definitely worth reading.

Good luck!

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There is no “SEO role” and thorough SEO work would require full designer access anyway, due to the need to adjust paths, page titles, METAs, individual link nofollow/dofollows, and page-level sitemap inclusion/exclusion. There isn’t an easy way to split that role out from a designer role without severely limiting the improvements they can make.

Therefore the easiest way to solve this is to hire an SEO expert that knows Webflow thoroughly and can safely make those changes without damaging your project. Have that expert get a Freelancer workspace if they don’t have one already, and then invite them.

But you raise some interesting points. I do a lot of reverse-proxy work for SEO experts to solve issues like path limitations in Webflow. All of the administrative controls I’m building there are either external to the site ( like rules on how the sitemap should be built ), or they are specified in configuration fields in the CMS where they can be managed ( like what path you want a CMS item to appear under ).

Currently all of the builds I do are unique per-client, but some of the features might naturally combine into product sets that can be self-installed. Would be pretty cool to be able to hand your SEO guy a login and they can do all the SEO things- with zero access to your designer or workspace.

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Hi, The client wants it managed by us. So transferring is not an option. Also, asking for extra costs is not an option. How do you even explain this to a business! I think this is a major flaw with Webflow when you compare it to the likes of Wordpress

For you, the current best situation is either find an SEO guy you deeply trust, someone you employ, or to setup a free client workspace where you migrate that one site. You’ll be able to invite up to 2 guests, plus you’ll have your own owner access.

That would be up to the SEO guy, who would need that Freelancer account. They’d bundle that into their overall cost structure. Nice thing is they can use it for any number of Webflow clients.

An advantage to this setup is that you can regularly clone the site and transfer a copy back to your main workspace for safekeeping if you need to, esp just before the SEO work begins.

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Same issue here, just upgraded from starter to core just to realize I need to book additional user seat, that an external freelancer can work. What a mess. just paid $28 wasted :frowning:

I do dev work for a lot of designers and agencies. Many of the smaller business are still on starter workspace plans since they have only one hosted site. They have no problems inviting my freelancer/agency workspace in to do my work.

You can run the same way if you want.

  • Starter workspace
  • Hosted site plan
  • Invite your SEO guy in, who has their own freelancer workspace

It’s a decent model, and fair, I think - though confusing to wrap your head around.