Client wants admin access to website

My client has set up a sales call with a Hubspot consultant, and they have asked me for my admin login to Webflow so they can edit and check out some of the code from my end. The client normally has access to the CMS collaboration, but not the main Webflow account.

I don’t want to give anyone access to my Webflow account, so does anyone know any workarounds to give access to one specific site? Do I need to make a new Webflow account for them?

And no one should ask you for it. A computer-world consultant should know better and ask for the ways they can work with you around that.

For instance, you could share the site with a Team plan. Or transfer the site temporarily.

But transferring your credentials should remain a big no-no. (And I’m being polite :slight_smile: )


Thanks Vincent.

Needed to hear that I wasn’t crazy for not wanting to give complete access to my account, client billing, all my other projects, etc.

It could show little professionalism from the consultant, but let’s not rush into conclusions.

I can’t see no “code from my end” that they couldn’t see on a published website using developers tools, to begin with.

Your client should be told that. And there’s a professional way to do it: first ask to be told by the consultant exactly what they need to know, where they think they can find that information, and why they can’t find that on the staged website.

Web marketing and SEO are good, they are needed, they are effective. But there is a gaziliion ways to handle that, and among them some are disputable. I’ve been very skeptical about the entire SEO domain for years because of people not being able to explain or demonstrate the benefits they’ll bring to their clients. I had to wait meeting people that have a honest and comprehensive approach to be convinced and I have now SEO specialists around me that I can count on and do a great and humble job.

Marketing and SEO are difficult to understand for clients and designers, most of the time. There’s also a chance that your client didn’t transfer the information clearly and that the Hubspot consultant is absolutely honest and professional. So don’t rush in conclusions and try to sort that out as politely as you can :slight_smile:

Oh, and maybe there is something important that those consultants needs to know and that’s stored on a wf site dashboard and that i’m not aware of, and that would be interesting to know, because Webflow could assist us with ways to integrate marketing professional as a collaborator with certain temporary rights on the site. We are several designers to have ask such a special tailored role, for SEO technicians.

Hubspot consultants shouldn’t go anywhere near your Webflow account, your code, or anything else. They don’t need to edit your code, that’s your job. They can view source on your project at anytime to look at the code and if necessary, live edit the site using dev-tools.

If the client demands they have access, then export your site and let them host it somewhere else on their own.

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