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Additional CMS Template page for same collection?


I am working on an additional Spanish version of the site, I have a video wall (Teaching/Watch page in the menu) which shows all videos in collection and opens a video template page once video is clicked upon.

For a Spanish version I’ve created a filter to only show Spanish videos in the wall. I’ve also created filters to show Spanish Nav and Footer only for Spanish videos. All that was awesome, until I opened one of the Spanish videos from the English version of the site and discovered I don’t have a specific filter to tell if the page was opened from the English or Spanish page previously…and I have to make these Spanish videos visible in the English version since they are in two languages.

So I thought of creating additional Template and linking it to the same video collection, but looks like it is not possible. Creating an additional collection would create so much unnecessary work and also take up the collection items limit in my hosting plan.

Other option would having a filter to determine which page the template was opened from, English or Espanol.

I’m sure many people working on multi-language sites have had this problem.

Maybe I am not seeing something obvious though.

Any suggestions?

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This is a wishlist request. Update on Dec 18th 2018.

I use for large multi language sites as an alternative. There are other options as well.