Adding CMS collection page

The First CMS collection page was created automatically upon creating a CMS collection, but how can I add another page for this same collection? I can’t find an option for that.

hi @dit0o0o regarding to WF documentation the is only one page per collection that is called “template”.

Please refer to WF documentation and WFU to learn how to work with this platform. When you do it will be clear to you how to display collection on other page.

If you need to see how the content appears for a particular post, you can preview by selecting that post, as shown in the screenshot below.

If you need to display content for a post on another page, you’ll want to study how “collection lists” work.

I know how collection lists work and I already made a blog on a separate page. It just seems weird to me and that’s all. What difference does the CMS collection page make then if you can make it happen on any page anyway? I thought there would be a way to make another one at least.

How is it a template when it’s blank from the beginning? The only difference seems to be that you can use it without collection list and it kind of seemed convinient.

It’s only blank until you design it ;)

Collection pages are very different from collection lists, the Webflow U tutorials will help you understand the differences in design mechanics, how paths work to your navigation and SEO benefit.

Based on your comments I suspect that you are thinking that a Collection Page renders one single page for your site, like a static page? It renders one for every CMS item in that collection.

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hi @dit0o0o as was already mentioned you should visit WFU to learn how to work with this platform and also refer to documentation if something is not clear.

Good luck on your journey

This allows for full customization. Not sure how Webflow would guess your layout considering the endless combinations of content types. Maybe just a basic stack?

I’ve set up template pages with multiple layout options before. The client chooses one of the layouts and the others remain hidden based on conditional visibility.

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Can you explain the steps you did?

On your Collection Template page, you’ll create however many layouts you’d like.
Wrap each layout in a div.
Give each wrapper div a distinctive class name. Example: Layout1, Layout2, Layout3

In your collection’s settings, you create a new “Option” field and include each layouts name. Your client will then be able to choose one of the layout names from this option field when they create a new post.

In your Template Page, you will select each wrapper div and apply Conditional Visibility using the layout option selector. If your client chooses “Layout1”, this will tell “Layout2” and “Layout3” to be hidden.

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I believe there is video from one of WF member (can’t remember his name) to explain how to it is old but is still may work. If it is good idea and approach is other thing.

Yes, the approach will be loading unneeded code

@dit0o0o I should also mention that the importance of having specified template page is that your post should definitely have a destination. The template page is this location. You can potentially create this manually for a page with a list but it makes more sense for a single post to have a single URL.