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Displaying two different Templates from same Collection?


New here, and not sure how to describe the problem to you

What I’m trying to achieve:

I’m using CMS to create an archive of information in two language (Norwegian/English).

  • I’d prefer to create two Rich Text fields in one CMS Collection item, and point the Norwegian translated site to the particular item page showing the Norwegian Rich Text field, and vice versa for the English.

Problem encountered:

  • As I understand the Collection Page Templates, I am unable to create two separate templates (one for Norwegian, one for English) without creating two separate CMS Collections. As the articles are identical except for the text, I consider that a waste of CMS items.

My question to you:

  • Is there a way in which I can have a Norwegian page with a CMS list where clicking an item leads to a Template with the Norwegian text, and have another English page with a CMS list that leads to another Template with the English text, or do you see a more elegant possibility? (Preferably not involving a “language switch” function in each article.

Thanks a lot!!!

Here is my public share link:

The only way to do this is by using the query string to send a parameter of the preferred language like this

Then on the template page, read the parameter, then display the correct language items (the template page will contain a duplicate items for each language).

Thanks so much for your reply! I’m afraid I’ve never dealt with query string parameters. Could you possibly point me to a source of information ascertaining how I would go about doing what you described?

I don’t think there is a tutorial for this sort of stuff.

What you need to put this together: