Adding Wordpress Domain to Webflow Hosting

Hey guys,

I’ve been having a very difficult time trying to link my domain, which I purchased from Wordpress for $18/yr, to my new Webflow website which has CMS Site Plan. I’ve followed the directions for changing the A records on Wordpress to allow me to link it, and I have attached a picture showing that I have added them to the Wordpress DNS settings.

I am now unsure on the next steps. My domain,, still does not point to the Webflow site, is there another step I’m missing? I don’t think I am able to change the Wordpress name servers, since Webflow doesn’t have any.

For some reason, Wordpress isn’t allowing me to switch my “Primary Domain” to, and only allows I don’t need a Wordpress premium plan for this to word, do I?

Appreciate everyone’s help. Getting in touch with support from both company’s has been pretty hard recently.