Wordpress domain to Webflow

Hi guys, have a client who bought a domain with Wordpress but now wants his domain to pull up his Webflow site.

Wordpress domains allow custom DNS settings, but to get to those settings I must unclick “Use Wordpress.com Name Servers”

Now Wordpress needs name servers, as we know Webflow does not provide any.

If I click “Use Wordpress.com Name Servers” than I can go to the editing menu

But I can’t delete the CNAME at the top which points to the Wordpress site…
I’ve added the A’s and CNAME that Webflow requires. The result is too many redirects error.

Has anyone successfully used a Wordpress domain with Webflow?

I am experiencing the same issue when trying to point my wordpress domain to webflow. Were you ever able to figure it out? What was the trick?

I didn’t know you could buy a domain name through wordpress now. Have you considered moving the domain to another registrar? That should make things easier for you. Registrars often have domain transfer deals too.

Bump on this? Experiencing the same issue.