Wordpress to Webflow with Cpanel

Newbie here

I guess my question is how do I change the records in cpanel to use webflow. I saw the video on adding a custom domain but there are so many A records in the cpanel with the domain I want to change over. Is there a video on this or can someone instruct me?


What are you trying to achieve? Are you going to discontinue with the host providing this cpanel? if so I think you should be making changes to the dns editor your domain registrar provides. it depends what you are trying to do.

Edit: Are you hosting multiple domains on that cpanel and trying to point one to webflow?

Hi @J_Stdy_Rockn, welcome to the forums. If your goal is to maintain a cPanel hosted domain, and have Webflow host the website, you just need to set main A record for domain.com., then add the additional IP for the backup Webflow IP address (Webflow suggests you have two A records), then point your www CNAME to the one Webflow provides in the docs for either SSL or non-SSL hosting.

You would leave the other A records cPanel created that point to the server cPanel is running on. Then no cPanel hosted services would be affected other than the website hosting.

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