Wordpress to Webflow with Cpanel

Newbie here

I guess my question is how do I change the records in cpanel to use webflow. I saw the video on adding a custom domain but there are so many A records in the cpanel with the domain I want to change over. Is there a video on this or can someone instruct me?


What are you trying to achieve? Are you going to discontinue with the host providing this cpanel? if so I think you should be making changes to the dns editor your domain registrar provides. it depends what you are trying to do.

Edit: Are you hosting multiple domains on that cpanel and trying to point one to webflow?

Hi @J_Stdy_Rockn, welcome to the forums. If your goal is to maintain a cPanel hosted domain, and have Webflow host the website, you just need to set main A record for domain.com., then add the additional IP for the backup Webflow IP address (Webflow suggests you have two A records), then point your www CNAME to the one Webflow provides in the docs for either SSL or non-SSL hosting.

You would leave the other A records cPanel created that point to the server cPanel is running on. Then no cPanel hosted services would be affected other than the website hosting.

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I added two A records, one CNAME record and one TXT record webflow provided. But still, it shows “Issues Detected” in the publishing section.

@Jebran_Ahmed - That has to be an error as the record type should be A, not TXT. I will look at the settings in one of my projects and raise this as an issue with Webflow if it actually says to use that record type.

The University has the correct instructions. See Connect a custom domain | Webflow University

Here is what it shows.

Can I do something in this situation?

Hi @Jebran_Ahmed - I sent this as a question to the WF team. Let’s see what they have to say.

I can tell you that not a single one of my hosted projects has a TXT record as indicated in your screenshot. They are all working fine.

Thanks Jeff.

Let me know when they reply, I have a client waiting on me to publish the site.

Hey Jebran, I can confirm that the txt record is currently optional and not needed to point your domain to Webflow. Please ignore that warning in the site settings.