Adding TXT to already connected domain

Hey this may be a dumb question but I was wondering if there is a way to add TXT fields/update DNS records for a domain that is already connected and working?

When I look at the hosting section for the site I am able to see the domains but like it’s not letting me click anything or view the records like you normally can when you’re first adding a domain. I have tried googling and looking through the forum but I haven’t been able to find anything.

thanks in advance

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Hi @randa , Welcome to the forum. If you are talking about zone records, you can’t manage DNS records through Webflow. If you need to add new records to your DNS Zone you would need to go to your DNS hosting provider and mange the zone there. If I misunderstood your question please feel free to clarify.

Hey thank you for your response. I am not entirely sure I understand what a zone record is (i really don’t know much about this stuff. yet). But I need to add dmarc and dkim records. I believe they have already been added to godaddy for the domain. But I guess they need to be updated into webflow as well. I hope that clarifies things better :slight_smile:

Webflow only requires that you follow the instructions to add the A records and CNAME record to your domain that is available under hosting in project settings on WF. That points visitors to the correct infrastructure. Webflow itself does not host any of your DNS. Your DNS provider does. The actual domain is referred to as a zone. The entries in it as zone records.

Thank you so much I have been trying to find information on this for like a couple of days now lol. Much appreciated!

Hello, I also have the same issue. I want to add a SPF and DKIM record to the Zone Editor. My domain is provided through GoDaddy but on GoDaddy the ADD record button is grayed out and not functional, because it is already pointing to Webflow as the host. On other services I have worked with the webhost has a cPanel with a Zone editor once the domain is pointing to the host. You can no longer edit records on the domain provider in that case. So if Godaddy does not let me add a record because it is pointing to Webflow, and Webflow does not have the ability to add a record, I am stuck. What should I do on GoDaddy’s end to add a new TXT record then?

Hi @Blair ,

Webflow doesn’t have a cpanel because it does not have nameserver services. In your case, GoDaddy is probably where you’ve established your nameserver ( though you may have pointed it to Cloudflare or something else ).

Webflow only provides the website hosting itself, no DNS or registrar services.

That means either;

  • You’re clicking something wrong in GoDaddy, and just need to find the right place to add your TXT records there, or.
  • Your nameserver is somewhere else, and you need to figure out where that is ( it would be the same place you added the A and CNAME records when you setup Webflow hosting ).
  • Something’s broken at GoDaddy, and their support can help.

Hope that helps.

Hello, Yes the GoDaddy Name Servers are pointing to We do not remember setting up a cloud flare account though and we do not have any login credentials for cloud flare. Was cloud flare part of Webflow’s service?

GoDaddy Name Servers to CloudFlare

No, totally unrelated. Someone definitely set that up for you, it’s not part of Webflow or Godaddy. It’s a great service though.

If you have no idea who set it up or what email the account might be under, I’d probably set up a new free tier account on Cloudflare, and then change over the nameservers ( that first word in the hostname will change ).

I’d do that because Cloudflare has a solid ability to scan your DNS and “absorb” all of the current A, CNAME, TXT, MX… records for you. Will save you a lot of figuring-stuff-out.

If you do that, make sure on your new Cloudflare account, for the Webflow A and CNAME records to turn off the little orange proxy button.

If we skip Cloudflare all together, can we just use GoDaddy’s default name servers instead, and add the A Record and CNAME to GoDaddy to point to our Webflow site? Then add the SPF and DKIM records on GoDaddy too? Do you know if our site will be inaccessible during the name server transition?

Yes you can do that, you just need to manually create all of the records you need there.
GoDaddy does not have a built-in tool to identify and clone those for you.

DNS’s propogate, so there’s roughly a 24 hour period where some servers in some parts of the world might not have your new information yet. If you create your new records quickly in GoDaddy, that will be minimized, but I’d still pick a low-traffic time to do it in case you make a mistake.