Create CMS entries for existing page

IF you have an existing page, say the home page, what is the process of creating fields in the CMS so that elements of that page can be edited? For example a text block, an image etc.

I have existing CMS Collections for other page types but I can’t see how you set up fields for existing pages.

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CMS pages are generated from the template as you mentioned, you can’t do the same to static pages because the static pages are not CMS driven.

You could:

  1. Add a collection to your static pages and style the items inside to look like a whole page and show one item per page/collection, or
  2. Create a collection called ‘pages’ and there in the template style the template, which isn’t ideal if you want to have different content on those pages.

So you can’t just make a standard page like the home-page CMS editable?

How will that go down with my client I wonder? They will ask “why not”?

I had high hopes for Webflow CMS as well.

You can: Intro to the CMS Editor | Webflow University

This is a great resource for you and your client to understand how the Webflow CMS works

Ah ok, phew! So the editor will allow them to change content on the static pages – that’s all I need really. I will make them aware of this.

Thank you!