Deleted Project Links in Starter Portfolio

My High School Engineering Classes are using the Starter Portfolio Template in the free version to create student portfolios. I had them create two project pages to start with, and some of the students deleted the links on their home pages to projects 3 and 4 (which also deleted those hidden pages). When I added a requirement for a third project, they were not able to add it without purchasing a webflow subscription. I understand there must be limits on a free account, but is there a way to get back to having 4 projects without having to pay?

I don’t think so. This sounds like a bug. Maybe have them create new accounts? Or contact the webflow support.

When you say “projects”, are you referring to websites or projects in their portfolio?

Free plans allow 2 projects with 2 static pages per project. To avoid the static page limit, you can create dynamic pages through Collection Lists.

Thank You for your reply!

Within one website, using the Starter Portfolio template, are 4 project pages. The initial requirement was for students to edit 2 of the project pages to showcase their work. Some students deleted the other two project pages (note: students don’t always follow instructions :)). When I increased the requirement to 3 projects, they were unable to create a 3rd project page. I recreated the problem using my account, and was also unable to duplicate a project page or add a new project page (even though I have fewer pages than I started with). The only remedy we have found is for students to create a new website, and recreate their pages there.

Okay, I’m following. It seems like the template allows for more pages most likely because Webflow created it.

One way to troubleshoot is to start a new site from scratch with that template, and try to add an extra page. If it doesn’t let you add a page, it’s because of the account limits, which is normal.

Your best bet is to reinforce (again) to your students to not delete any pages at all until it’s completed.

Thank You again! I did try creating dynamic pages and maybe?? did it?

Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing in that regard. This platform was recommended by our campus tech support specialist (who has since quit!), but I’m discovering there is way more to it than Weebly, or Squarespace, etc., which I am more familiar with. At this point, I am trying to make it through this portfolio assignment and we will likely use something a little more beginner-friendly next year. Making a new website, and then copying and pasting content and recreating style elements seems a suitable consequence for ignoring instructions.

Thank You again!

Glad to help. Webflow definitely has a learning curve, but is far more powerful than Weebly, Squarespace, etc. However, there’s no problem in sticking with simpler solutions.

Good luck! Make sure to mark this as solved to help other people with similar questions.