Adding footer across multiple pages

Let’s say I publish material every day, and each day is a page for itself.
Right now I don’t need a footer.
If I would need it, will it be possible to add the footer at once to all the previously published pages?

If you’re using the CMS and Collection Template, adding a footer to the Collection Template Page will apply to all CMS items in that collection.

If you are not using CMS, then the only way is to copy and paste the same symbol across each manual page.

If I publish the content every day on home page and I want to have an option for users to access it retrospectively, meaning on home page they see content from today but they can click “previous” to display content from yesterday…would this count as 2 static pages (which means I would have 98 left) or I could somehow do this with CMS and not waste my static pages?

thx for the answer above

Yes, you can apply filters to collection lists.

Collection list on home page displays items from today or newer.

Collection list on “archive” page displays items from yesterday or older.

Before asking you I asked Webflow Customer Support in the email same thing.

They answered me before few hours.

This is what they answered me:

“Thanks for getting back to me. No, that is not possible natively yet until pagination is released for navigating between cms items. You would have to use static pages for that.”

Can you please clear this for me, why they say no and you say yes

They said “You would have to use static pages for that.”

Which is exactly what I described as well. This is the only “workaround” since there is no pagination yet.

So yes, it can be done (showing today’s posts on the home page, and other older posts in another static page). The only limitation is that a collection list can only display up to 100 items, so if your archive goes more than 100 items, you need to create another page (example: archive-page-2), and set the collection list filter accordingly.

So on “archive” page, when users click “previous”, does that lead them to third static page or just filter items from CMS which were uploaded yesterday, day before yesterday etc.?
I ask this because idk how much you can do with 100 static pages.

Please can you say what do you mean by 100 items…if I want to display 1 post on the page does this mean the user can click “previous” for 100 days retrospectively, and after 100 when they click “previous” it will lead them to third page for another 100 days…or I have to have all 100 posts on 1 page

If I have lets say 10 different looking templates, meaning when you click something it leads you to different looking page…is it enough to use just 10 static pages for that and just filter content from CMS?

An archive page is a normal/static page that you manually create, which you also place a “Collection List” component. The previous link/button is also a a link that you manually place to link to a third similar page if you have such a page. How many items you choose to display on that page using the “Collection List” is up to you.

It’s up to you. See ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Let’s not use the word “days”, instead, I’m referring to the number of items that can be displayed using the “Collection List” component, which is 0 - 100 items.

I have no idea what you mean by this. Please attempt a basic example first using the tutorials

Intro to Webflow CMS | Webflow University
Collection list | Webflow University

I watched all tutorials few times but still can’t figure it out.

Maybe I can explain it better.
Let’s say we have a blank page with “image1” in the middle and “previous” button below.
I want that when I click “previous”, “image1” change to “image2” which was uploaded yesterday, then again after clicking “previous”, “image2” change to “image3” which was uploaded day before yesterday.
We can only see one image on the blank page.
I consider a blank page as template or layout, where just the image and text change after click on “previous or next”.

Will Webflow consider blank page as just “1 Weblow page out of 100” and pull images from CMS after clicking “previous”, or I will have to create “1st Webflow static page out of 100” for “image1” then after clicking “previous” it leads me to new “2nd Webflow static page out of 100” for “image 2”.

“image1” - home page


“image2” - home page from day before


Not possible at the moment, the workaround is described here:

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would it also be the same when you click on some button or image

For example, this page is made in Webflow, when you click on “Load more” for every of the Startups does it lead you to Collection Template Page where just the content is changed, depending on which startup you click?

Correct, the individual read more links go to the Collection Template page, which displays the selected item’s CMS values. No pagination or prev/next is observed on this site

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