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Adding Pagination (previous page/next page) to the CMS Template page

I must be missing something obvious but can’t for the life of me figure out how to switch pagination on for a CMS Template Page.
Adding Pagination to the Collection List Page is easy, the CMS Template Page, not so much as it doesn’t have a Collection List in it.
Any help is appreciated.

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Please Ignore. Vlad covered it in Q&A, this morning. Not yet an option.

You can get around this by adding a “Reference Field” that ties to the same collection.

Then for each blog post you can select which article you want to be next. and you can just go in order or whatever order you’d like.

Lastly within your Article or Project CMS page you can link your button to the next article or page like so…

Fairly easy workaround. Hope this helps!
-Noah :webflow_heart:


Nice work! Thank you.

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You bet! Anytime! :grin:

Despite there not being built-in features for linking to the PREV/NEXT articles for CMS items, you can always add a short bit of embedded code to create these automatically for you as covered here:

Granted, if you’re not comfortable with custom code, this may not be for you.
BUT, if you have more than just a few posts, this route works REALLY well and is automatic.
I hope this helps.

Many thanks, I’ll take a look at this method as well, as it requires less training for the CMS editor, which in many client’s case is a temp position. I’m comfortable small amounts of custom code.
I’ve implemented @Noah-R’s solution on one site, with a reference link for the ‘next post’ button and the script `javascript:window.history.go(-1) for the previous page button. Works well.


does this solution work only for “forward” ?