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Adding data from CMS collection into the entry field of a form


I’m designing a real estate listing site that gathers user’s information when they fill out a contact form for the property they are interested in. Right now all of the forms go to one account and they are only distinguished by the property code that the user puts in for that specific property (see image). Is there a way to have CMS collection data in a field on the form that automatically puts in the property code?

Or really if anyone can think of an easy way to distinguish what forms come from what property, that would be very helpful and appreciated!

Here is my public share link:

Page Settings > Footer Code:

You can also hide the element on the page, and it will still submit together with the form…



Thanks for looking into this for me! I went into the page settings and put in the code. You can see on the screenshot that it didn’t make a difference when accessing from a normal browser. And when I get the response through email the property code didn’t show as well. Any thoughts??




It was because I had the property code display within the form and the entry box was within a container…or something like that. Either way it works great now. Thanks for the help!


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