Sending info about the CMS entry with form submissions


We have a CMS Collection with available job openings. On the template for these pages we have included a form where people can apply. We have inputs for name, phone, etc. The problem is that when these get submitted we dont see which job they have applied to. How can we get this data into the form submission without the users having to type that in manually. Had an idea about adding a hidden field with value from the “name” of the job opening, but doesnt look like that is possible. Any ideas?

Yes you can add a hidden field in an Embed Code component in the form, filled with the CMS value.

This one pre-fills a hidden field with the current page URL: Form in a collection page template- How to identify the page or item?

You can also do something like this, just replace [CMSVALUE] with a selected value from the CMS using the purple + link in the Embed Code component.

<input type="hidden" value="[CMSVALUE]" />


how to pass in this way Item id?