Adding additional data to a form that has already been submitted

I have a form where people enter their name and email which takes them to a thank you page. On that thank you page I have a form where people can enter their phone numbers if they prefer that as a contact method.

How can I set it up so that the phone number they enter is updated into their previous submission? So it’s attached to their name and email.

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@tenzin11 that’s not too difficult, but it will require the use of a 3rd party glue service like Make (Integromat).

Here’s how I’d approach (there are other ways)…

  1. The first form you submit, submit it to Make.

  2. Within Make, create a new item within a Webflow CMS Collection.

  3. You’ll get the newly created item_id returned.

  4. Store that item_id, along with their email address in the Make Datastore.

  5. On the second form submission, make sure you add their email into a hidden form field. This would be easy to add if you have your second form on a CMS Collection Page. Webflow allows you to grab items out of the CMS here and you could inject that into a hidden form field (via the Embed element).

  6. When the second form, with the phone number and hidden email address, is submitted to Make, search your Make Datastore by email address and grab the item_id you stored for it.

  7. Now you can update that specific item (via the item_id) from Make with the phone number added.

This is more generically called a “Lookup Table” and it’s a common approach to associating IDs either within Webflow itself, or across various platforms.

If you don’t do things like this regularly, that may seem like a lot! But it’s quick and easy once you do it a few times.

Hope that helps!


I have a tutorial on Lookup Tables with Webflow if it helps:

Hey Tenzin,

As Chris said, you’ll need a back-end process to capture the data from the first form post, generate a key, and then allow you to append additional data in subsequent steps. Rather than using Webflow’s CMS to store that form submission you might use Google Sheets or Airtable.

In this process you’re generally circumventing Webflow’s in-built form submit, which is probably OK.

However there are two other approaches that may be easier for you-

APPROACH #1 - FORM to FORM data transfer

  1. Form 1 collects Name & Email. Submitting posts to a second /form2 page using GET mode. This will put the name and email in the URL querystring, for the second form to pick up.
  2. Form 2 pulls that info from the querystring, stores it in hidden fields, and gathers additional information. On submit, it does a standard Webflow form submit, but with all the data combined.

This tool makes the extraction of the querstring params easy-

APPROACH #2 - Multi-step form

Create a single form, but which functions like a Wizard. You have a part one ( Name & Email ), an NEXT button, and then a part two ( Phone, etc. ). This simply breaks up the form content into steps.

In both of these, you get to use Webflow’s native FORMs capture, and don’t need any back-end services- however, you’ll also only get form data if the user submits at Form 2. If the user completed Form 1 and then closed the browser tab without submitting the final step, you’d get nothing.

That said, this is the typical way multi-page forms work on e.g. Jotform. Submission on the final page is everything. It’s also usually where the privacy policy checkbox is ticked and so on, so that’s generally appropriate.

Amazing! Seems super simple thanks!

Just want to double check that If people don’t complete the second form, the first form will still be submitted right?

Also, I have the form submission set to send straight to mailchimp rather than being collected in webflows data base. Is there a way to have all the data automatically sent to mailchimp or a different email service after its received from Make?



You’d save all the info submitted on the first form, regardless of a visitor filling out and submitting the second form.

Not a problem. Make has a “Module” for all the popular email services, including Mailchimp.

You should be good. Play around with it and post questions here. Happy to help.