Obtain and use newly entered data from an embedded typeform


I am looking for a guidance on how I can obtain and use (for example show the data in a new webflow page) data obtained from a submitted typeform form, embedded in a webflow page.

Additionally, can I somehow use the data in webflow and convert it, for example take numeric fields (from typeform answers) make a calculation to summarise something and then display it on another webflow page.

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Hey Varban, welcome to the forum.

When you’re using an 3rd form builder like TypeForm, you typically lose much of the direct-script accessibility of a native form. You might have some options, but they’ll require scripting and some creative tech work to get that data.

  • Investigate whether Typeform can export its form to HTML directly. I’ve never seen an online form builder that can do that, but If it can, you’ll be able to add embed HTML, ID the elements etc. so that your own javascript can pick up the content you need on submit.

  • Set up some automation to pick up new form submissions, and push them somewhere you can access from script. This immediately create issues, like timing, data security, CORS, etc. not a fun path.

So, if you need the data in your site, your best bet is to consider rebuilding the form so that the elements are directly accessible to your scripts. Then you can do some programming on form submit to grab the fields you want, save them, and do your calculations later on another page. This is a typical approach for e.g. quote calculators.

Using webflow form entries you can submit to Sheets

Then from Sheets send data to webflow

Also looks like Typeform can send to sheets: