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Retrieving form results?

Wild question here :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do something similar to what Typeform does: you input something, and you can retrieve that something on your site. For example, a name.

Is this possible on Webflow? I got to this video which shows how to take a form submission and create a CMS item on Zapier, but how can I display their submission back to the user afterwards (not any submission but the one they just submitted)?


@saravssantiago This would take a significant amount of custom code which is why typeform has a niche, even at $50 a month. Suggest you pay the piper or scratch the idea.

Haha sure, I’d use Typeform if that was the use case I need to do, but it’s not. What I want to do is a form and then retrieve the results as a summary card. Sort of like flights do, too. I just used the Typeform example as an easy one to understand

You could take the value of input fields and store them in a cookie, then read the cookie on another page to display as needed to the submitter. If you needed to work with more data, then you would need to deploy another app server and interact with the API or other back-end data.

You will need coding skills or have to hire a developer.