Need your help! Form to Google Sheets via Zapier

Hey guys. I really need your help.

I managed to set up a “zap” that adds new form submissions to my Google Sheet, however… Since the form is on a dynamic collection page, I can’t separate the submissions based on which collection item site it was submitted from. But I get all submissions from all collection items in the same spreadsheet.

The solution I have now, is to have the user that is filling out the form type in the name of the collection item in the form, and then I can sort the submissions in the spreadsheet, but there got to be a better way to do it. Do you know if there is a way to have the form add which collection item it was used from, or something like that?

I really hope you can make sense of what I’m writing… Here is the Zap I’m using now:

So basically i need the “zap” to either make a new tab in the spreadsheet based on the collection item, or make a new document for every item?

All help is very much appreciated ! :slight_smile:

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