Add comments on export

Is it possible to add comments to elements that will show on export?


<div class="site-name half left"><!-- site name and description --></div>

Especially at the end of a long class string.


</aside><!-- .half right -->

Any way to do this inside webflow while building?

Hey @Randy that’s a great idea! Currently we don’t have commenting functionality built in Webflow. I could see it as a separate section in the style or settings for “Notes”.

Thanks for the idea!

Yea I was thinking in the settings area too. I actually thought it would have been in the “custom attributes” area. This would be a huge timesaver and even better organizer… I always forget what does what.

+1 for this feature. “Notes” would be the right word. It would be nice we can apply it every time we name or assign a class to an element. However, this feature request is over a 6 month without implementation. Hmmm… Please we need this feature.

any update on this feature?
i found the thread from searching to see if there was anyway to comment my code with webflow.