Better Projects

Webflow is a great service however I noticed that a couple of elements and aspects are missing which in turn is preventing some real advantages (and likely increased business).

1A (Issue) Project Upgrades need to be looked into as you cannot just upgrade an website, you have to create an entirely new project (which requires you to pay for another hosting plan).

1B (Fix) Enable multi-design projects by letting agencies link new designs to existing projects (we are asked if licenses are being used for the same client so a 2nd box to link designs to a project seems pretty straightforward to provide) - this would also make license enforcement MUCH easier.

2A (Issue) Moving Plans needs to be provided so agencies and individuals can move hosting plans between client sites to avoid overcharging customers.

2B (Fix) Let agencies and individuals to move plans between designs (this is where a multi-design standard would help greatly. Bare in mind Webflow is moving to new pricing so this little loophole should be closed (meanwhile WIX provides this and has an advantage with a majority of users).

I’d love to see both of these provided sooner rather than later as I find that a good number of clients do not want to stop using services they like (most times) and are hesitant to repay for hosting (as I aim to recommend annual plans to reduce short term obligations).