Caution: Update to Billing - Payment details - does not update your for your site plan

Hi All. As someone who has come to enjoy webflow and speak about it in my community groups I have been appalled by the recent service I’ve received on webflow support. I’m writing this because it is important for others in the community as they may not have realised it could happen to them.
In your account settings in ‘Billing’ section. You have an option to update your card details and naturally the invoices for the service plans are issued below it.
So it came to my surprise that when I updated the card details which were updated succesfully, when it came round to the next billing cycle, I received an invoice, but the funds were not taken from my updated card. So I tried to contact the support team. First via email, but no response after 2 days, next by the website through its very unhelpful chatbot, eventually notifying the team to contact me.

24 hours later
I receive an email from the ‘priority team’ about my issue and rather than solve my issue, claimed that the card on my site plan is billed to my previous card. I’ve responded and said that this shouldn’t have happened as I updated the card details well before the billing cycle.

24 hours later
I am now informed that in order to change my payment detail I have to cancel my current site plan and sign up to a new one. To which I then ask - “What’s the point of having an update card function if it doesn’t update the card?”

12 hours and still waiting for a response. So much for ‘Priority’.
I have to say I’m very disappointed because if this is the service I receive as a customer, then how can I guarantee/recommend to my clients and customers a good response time in the future if I rely on webflow.

Webflow apologised and the billing issue has now been resolved.