Do not have access to my admin page, Cannot cancel annual rebilling cycle

I have a major issue that I’ve been trying to resolve for the last few months. Webflow support has been completely useless in helping to resolve this. I have submitted at least 3 tickets weeks apart from each other with no reply.

I have a business that I am shutting down, and I am trying to close out my site, which is set to renew annually through webflow. I no longer have access to the email used to create the site and cannot login to my dashboard to remove the billing.

The annual renewal will take place March 2024. I do not want to be rebilled. I can provide all the proof of payment for the original account down to the CC statement and supporting docs with billing addresses. Can someone from webflow please contact me.

@Keyo - If Webflow won’t work with you then consider contacting your credit card company and ask about a merchant block against your card.

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