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Autosave CMS Content

Would love some autosave on the CMS content. Was working on a blog post, fired up a new tab with my site in it to pull down an image and, when I came back to the blog post I was forced to reload the page because I had two CMS windows open. Refreshed, and the entire new post is gone. Some Drafts or something would be amazing to keep something like that from happening again.


Totally agree! Were you working on a new blog post or an existing one that you were editing?

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It was a new post. Saw the Drafts option afterward and checked that guy when I rewrote the post. Not sure if that autosaves but if it doesn’t - yes please! :smile:

+1. I’ve experienced it multiple times… I even forced myself to work with a google docs file and to write all the content for the CMS fields in there, and then just copy paste all the data to webflow when I’m done…


I would also relish the option of autosave.

Just today I lost my work 3 times due to opening my site in a new tab to show my progress to my boss - went back to work on my post and was forced to reload… :frowning: Having to work out of Word or Text Edit seems counterintuitive to be honest, especially with Rich Text fields.

Also, copy/paste is buggy and the undo function is limited to one level.