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Saving webflow pages locally

I’ve been working on a project in Webflow whilst travelling in Brazil. The issue is I keep losing lots of work i’ve done as Webflow doesn’t save unless the internet is perfect. If the internet drops and then comes back, it seems to get stuck eternally on saving but never actually saves. Then the only option is to close Webflow and restart, losing all the work i’ve just done
I understand i’m travelling to places that don’t have great internet, but this seems a bit ridiculous that i can’t work unless the internet is perfect. Wouldn’t it be an easy feature to have an offline save? I’m really surprised this issue hasn’t been addressed as makes Webflow a bit useless for designers, for example digital nomads, travelling and working in more remote locations.

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See it gets eternally stuck with the animated three dots with the green “saved” tick never appearing. I’m sitting here with this problem now, as has happened countless times, and having no issues with my internet for posting this message or any other websites.

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Sorry to hear about the issue with the automatic save due to intermittent internet connections. Unfortunately there is no “offline” option, but you can trigger saves manually by using CTRL/CMD+S.

This may not be the best solution, but hopefully it helps for those cases where the autosave gets “stuck” :+1:

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