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Ability to stage individual pages as "Draft" etc

Adding the ability to mark selective pages as draft so that they do not get published would allow for much easier continued development. This also follows the normal development pattern of most agencies.

This would allow developers to have a group of pages in development, but still be able to publish updates to live pages without also publishing the pages that are in development.


Yes, totally agree. been saying this for a while on another thread that we need the ability to mark a page as not part of the package. Especially when preparing for download as all of our sites are hosted on our own servers. As it is you have to figure out which ones to upload to the server and which ones not. For now, I have a workaround. I’ve made a folder on webflow and I put all of the draft or pages that are not going to go public into that folder. Then when I download the file I know simply not to ftp that folder to the server.



We need this!

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+1 need it to, thanks

Could definitely make use of this.

This is a must have for sure

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Definitely! I agree to this!

Just ran into this problem now. You got my vote!

This definitely needs to happen. We want to be able to build new pages without them being publicly accessible, while still being able to publish changes on active pages.

Another way of doing this would be to have a list of pages under the publish menu, and be able to select pages/changes waiting to be published to exclude. You would still want a ‘draft’/‘publish’ selection in a page’s settings so that pages can be unpublished with having to delete them.